During the 2016 legislative session, MML&K was instrumental in negotiating the passage of what is considered to be one of the largest changes in Kentucky’s alcohol laws since the Prohibition era. Senate Bill 11 allows Kentucky’s Bourbon distilleries, and other alcohol-related businesses, new and increased privileges aimed at supporting tourism and advancing Bourbon production. The key provisions of SB 11 allowed distilleries to sell by the drink, thus opening the doors for restaurants, bars and event spaces at our iconic distilleries, as well as allowing them to offer increased sample sizes and bottle sales. Beginning in 2015, MML&K spearheaded efforts within KDA’s organization to prioritize and develop the proposed changes in Kentucky’s alcohol laws, and then executed a coordinated plan to work with other industry stakeholders and the state on a broad, bi-partisan coalition. Simultaneously, MML&K assisted the KDA with implementation of a statewide grassroots campaign to connect with legislators in their communities. As the legislation advanced through the Legislature, our team conducted extensive whip counts of all 138 legislators as the bill made its way through committee and floor votes. In addition to several of the landmark changes in SB 11, the bill also included the removal of several archaic regulations dating back to Prohibition as well as a few additions that will ideally set Kentucky up to compete with other states in attracting and expanding alcohol related businesses.