Public relations has always been a form of advocacy, and increasingly, advocacy is becoming a form of public relations. As current administrations and policy makers, business leaders, and decision makers bypass the media and lean in to Facebook, Twitter, and other avenues of direct constituent communication, the lens through which we view companies, programs, and initiatives necessarily swivels.

At MML&K, we’ve expanded our practice to ensure we are the best at both. Seamless integration of public relations efforts with advocacy initiatives and vice versa results in powerful conversations and flexible strategies for growth that translate in person, in print, and on the web.

The combination of PR + GR makes MML&K your one-stop shop for comprehensive industry promotion, protection, and proactive positioning.

Public relations efforts can be paired with advocacy (or stand alone) to:

  • Lend energy to current initiatives;
  • Build understanding and awareness among targeted audiences, long and short-term;
  • Strategically target opportunities to build the brand;
  • Provide eyes and ears on the ground at the state and federal level for proactive protection and promotion of your specific industry;
  • Guide call-to-action efforts;

  • Layer in quality material development to support your message, including digital and print;